How To Become a Free Range Human

About Me

July 2007


So long story short, we decided to immigrate to Cyprus, a small island in the Eastern Mediterranean with a population of approx. 1.129M.  The climate is much, much better than the North of England I can tell you, the people are lovely and the lifestyle is very laid back.




We realised that we didn’t want more out of life, we actually wanted less!  We wanted out of the ‘rat race’ and into a slower pace of life where we had time to simply ‘be’ and spend time together in the same place at the same time, something which had become something of a novelty for us.


We didn’t want to wait until we were retired to move to the sun and anyway who says that we are all going to make it to retirement, because there are no guarantees in life right!  We all know deep down that we are one phone call away from a bereavement or one doctors appointment away from bad news. (It doesn’t help that the UK Government keep moving the retirement age limit either, at this rate by the time I qualify to officially retire I’ll be 95!!)


Fast Forward to 2013


We have now been very happily settled into village life in a small place near Larnaca in Cyprus since mid 2007 .  We live in a Penthouse apartment which we bought with the equity from our house in the UK.  My husband runs his own small business offering a mobile car cleaning service which he started in 2008 (cars are his passion, so this is his dream business). He did briefly take a job as a HGV truck driver (his profession in the UK) but the road worthiness of the trucks and the style of driving (or lack of) here, compared to England, almost finished him off – literally!


I got myself a job in February 2008, which I stayed in until the Cyprus Bank crisis happened in late 2012/2013.  This was a big crash for the small island of Cyprus and many businesses went bankrupt virtually overnight.  Apparently it was just the catalyst I needed to make the decision I had been hesitating over for a while. Although I enjoyed my job, it was fulfilling and challenging and it took me only 10 minutes to get to it, as opposed to the 3 hour commute I had in England, it was still a J-O-B.  I was still trading my time for money.  I was a wage slave and it kind of flew in the face of the commitment to the lifestyle choice we made when we came to Cyprus.


Now Fast Forward to 2014


So having decided to leave my J-O-B behind, I finally took the decision I had been putting off for some time and  undertook some major re-training in the internet marketing arena.  I found some really great mentors, some of whom I am still working with today and I will go into the ‘who’ and the ‘how’ I found them for you and share more detail with you on another page of this site.  I learnt a lot about what to do and more importantly, what not to do.  I am lucky not to have spent $1000’s on time-wasting or non-delivering tools/products and courses, but I did have a couple of bumps along the way, hey who hasn’t.


I am not currently a millionaire, I don’t work for only half an hour a week nor do I travel around the world constantly – YET!  However, I am on the right path and I am very happy with what I am doing and it is very rewarding.


What I want to do with this blog is share with you my experiences to date and ongoing, in detail.  The people I have met, my mentors, the courses I have taken and why, the books I have read and the tools that I use to do what I have done/am doing.  I want to give you the benefit of my experiences and help you sift through all the tools, books, courses that are out there.


I am not doing this purely so I can recommend them to you; in fact what I want is to give you the information so that you can make up your own mind.  So you can rule out what you don’t want and identify what you do want.  You need to make your own choices and build your own path, not just mirror mine.  I don’t want to presume to tell you what to do, but rather share my own experiences for you to draw on.  I’m not going to lie to you, some of the stuff I tell you about will have affiliate links, but not all and I will not be recommending anything without providing massive value at the same time – how could I. I mean if you haven’t actually experienced something yourself, how can you hand on heart recommend it, or not, to someone else.  I couldn’t do it and I won’t do it, that’s not how I operate.


When all is said and done, if you do use one of my links to buy a product, it is not going to cost you 1₵ more than if you bought it elsewhere.  We all know it will pay me a small commission and  I hope you will feel that I have provided you with enough value that it is justified. I will strive hard to provide you with some great content so you can take away some value that you haven’t found elsewhere.  If not, then simply don’t use my link, it’s totally your choice.


I am not going to tell you that I have discovered the next big secret, or a push button no effort system (if you take away just one thing from my site, take this – those kind of systems only exist in people’s imaginations).  I am not going to tell you that I have found the magic solution or that what I am doing is unique – except to say that it is my experience, my successes, my failures and not one other person will have done things exactly the same way as me.  That part is unique to me.


One thing I will tell you here and now and it is the biggest lesson I have learnt so far, the people who are currently successful on the internet and who have been doing this for a long time, without exception, all deliver great value.  That might seem like a simple statement, but I mean it. To be successful you have to GIVE not TAKE.  There are too many people on the internet who only want to figure out how they can take more money, take more clients and get more success. In reality, the successful ones, look at what they can give to people, how they can give them a solution to their problem, give them an answer to their question and give them great value – believe me it makes all the difference in the world.


So, I hope you will join me on this journey, celebrate the successes and the ups with me and learn from the failures, but most of all I want you to take something away for your own business and life and have success with it.


As Theodore Roosevelt said “There is no such thing as failure there is only early attempts at success”