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I guess you’re here because you want to know about who I am and if I am the real deal?


I know, because I am the same, your time is precious and you want to discover whether it’s worth investing your time to read the rest of this blog. I also understand that you don’t really care about me, but you do care whether what I have to say will provide value for you. That’s the bottom line. I get it. 


To answer your question, please continue reading below.


So a little bit about me…


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From the desk of Jane Atkinson


My name is Jane Atkinson; I am English or British, as we are supposed to say now to be politically correct.  I currently live on the beautiful Eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus and have done since 2007. In my heart however I will always be Yorkshire.  I was born and bred, as we say, in the City of York and I lived in and around North Yorkshire in the North of England for the first 40 years of my life.


I had a Standard English education in a comprehensive school, which is a non-private school and I didn’t go to University.


I left school and got my first job with a Civil Engineering company as a full-time Secretary. I worked full-time from that point onwards at various large corporations, all the way through until I was 40.  I worked my way up the corporate ladder to Management level and for the most part I was lucky enough to enjoy my work.


So what changed at 40?


By this time my husband and I both had good jobs that paid pretty well.  We had a house that we loved with a smaller than average mortgage, because we worked hard purposely to achieve that goal.  We took a couple of nice holidays every year to foreign lands, we had a nice car and we had no debt (except our mortgage).  So we should have been content right?  WRONG!


We had a nice living, but we didn’t have a life!  We simply didn’t have time for one.  We sat down one day and worked out that we were both out of the house either travelling to/from work or actually at work for 12-13 hours a day.  We slept for approx. 7 hours, ran around doing all the routine chores for 1-2 hours and that left us 2 hours a day to try to have a life.  Well guess what, it isn’t enough. Plus you don’t have the energy or the opportunity because your free time is usually at stupid o’clock at night.  Oh and on weekends we did the shopping, the cleaning and the washing so that we were ready to get back on the treadmill on Monday morning.  STRESS CITY!



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