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On this page are a combination of awesome tools and websites, plus valuable tit-bits of information that I have spent years accumulating. If you apply these Tools, Resources and Tips in your business you can be on the fast track to success by avoiding months of frustration and failure looking for, or worse still, buying tools when there is a free version that is just as good available.

For me virtually everything in here was an ‘unknown unknown’ when I was a ‘Rookie’ just starting out.  Now I use one or more literally every day and I can’t imagine ever working without them.


Don’t be fooled however into thinking this is just another list of resources. In addition to introducing you to these gems and where you can find them, in most cases I will also explain how I personally apply them in my business and share a top tip with you. This should help you with ideas about how you can utilize them in your own situation.

If only I had gotten access to this information when I first started out, I know my journey would have progressed much faster and would have been a lot less frustrating and expensive than it has been.

So let’s get straight into this, the first little gem I want to share with you is …








Located at: –

Cost: There is a free version and a paid premium upgrade. I use the premium version as it better meets my needs now, but for a long time I used the free version.

Supports: – LastPassSupports

LastPass is a secure password management tool.  I absolutely love this and couldn’t manage without it now. I use it to simplify my on-line life and secure my data.  You can store all of your username and password data for the numerous websites, social networks and membership sites you visit on a daily basis.  You only ever need to remember one password, your LastPass master password.

You simply download the correct version for your browser(s) and it will appear as an add-on to your toolbar. As you browse through your various sites and services and log-in LastPass will prompt you to save your log-in and profile and even generate new secure passwords if you wish, which by the way I totally recommend you do. So next time you visit, LastPass will automatically log you in.

LastPass can also generate secure passwords when you sign-up for something new so you never need to repeat a password ever again.

We all know our passwords should look like this right ^RUNekV*X7Np but how many of us actually take the time to create them like this and remember them!  With LastPass you don’t have to do either, it does all the hard work for you.

Click below to watch this video and learn more:

You can be assured that LastPass is completely secure because the data is encrypted and decrypted locally. Additionally you can sync LastPass across all of your devices so you can use it on any device you own, or even a device that is not yours, for example a friend’s laptop.

Top Tip: – For added security you can restrict logins to specific countries. From the General tab in Account Settings scroll down to where it says restrict logins from selected countries and then choose your country.  If you are going to travel you can include that country beforehand (and exclude it afterwards).

You can also help protect yourself, by having LastPass automatically log out after a period of time, or when you close your browser. All the security in the world will not work if you leave LastPass logged in on your browser all the time. Anyone who gets into your computer will have access to all your passwords!

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